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Decline Appeal with Adjustment


The Decline Appeal with Adjustment flow enables clients and internal users to apply a temporary adjustment to an appealed citation. The adjustment can expire at a specific date or remain permanent. 

  • If the violator pays the adjusted amount within the set time frame, the citation will be settled without additional escalation. 
  • If the violator does not pay the adjustment amount within the set time frame, the citation will revert back to its original balance plus any accrued escalation. 

Note: These flows are not built to work with multi-level appeals and have not been tested with multi-level appeals.

How to Enable

To allow temporary adjustments during appeals, operators will need to enable two settings:

  • allow_adjustment_during_appeal_decision setting
    • This setting will be disabled by default). When enabled, after selecting decline for an appeal decision, an option will be shown to add an adjustment to the citation in the appeal drawer.
  • allow_adjustment_during_appeal_decision_default_days
    • This setting allows an operator to select the number of days the adjustment will be active. When not set, the expiration will default to 90 days.

If the violator pays the adjusted amount within the adjustment period, they will not face any escalation. However, if they do not pay within the set period, the adjustment will expire, and the citation will revert to the original fee. At this point, the violator will be subject to the original amount plus any accrued escalation from the date the adjustment was made by the operator.

The escalation process for the adjustment can be configured to start from when the adjustment is offered, when it expires, or when the violator receives the citation.

Additional Notes

  • Temporary adjustments cannot be negative
  • Expiration Dates cannot be set to past dates
  • If you want the void status applied via this process to freeze the violation for its duration, the violation type MUST have the freeze_escalation_while_void property enabled. This can be done via the OMW violation type edit menu.
  • The add_frozen_days option should be set to 0 for the reduction void type
  • Operators can configure different verbiage for the Appeal Decision/ Reason fields in the Appeal Drawer (vs. using Reduced). The Operator will need to ensure the new verbiage is a type of Decline for compatibility with this flow.


  1. Select Enforcement > Process Appeals
  2. Locate the desired citation
  3. Select desired citation to open the appeal drawer for that citation
  4. Complete the Response form by selecting Reduced for Appeal Decision and Reducedfor Reason
    • Note: The Adjust Citation option will display after you select “Reduced” for Appeal Decision and Reason.
  5. Select the Adjust Citationcheckbox to apply an increase (or decrease) to the selected appeal, then enter the desired amount. 
    • Note: The Discount option will be selected by default.
  6. Select the appropriate Adjustment Codein the dropdown list. 
    • Note: Only the Magistrate Adjustment option should be selected during this flow.
  7. Select an Expiration Date
    • No date. Temporary adjustment will permanent
    • Today’s date. Adjustment will expire at midnight (in violator’s local time zone)
    • Future Date. Allows the operator to set a custom date
      • Note: This will be the default option selected and will be set to 90 days
  8. Review, then select Submit
    • A notification will be displayed upon successful submission

The adjusted amount will be reflected on the appealed citation. The violator will receive two emails:

  • Message that indicates that their appeal has been declined 
  • Message that indicates that they have been offered a temporary adjustment; a letter will be attached

Note: If the adjusted amount is not paid within the set time frame, the citation will revert back to the original amount plus any accrued escalation.

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