Portal Flow Links

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Flow Name
Access Help Hub
Add a Citation Note
Add a Parking Notification
Add a Parking Restriction
Add a Reason to a Citation Change
Add a Role
Add a User
Add a Vehicle
Add an Offender
Add An Offender Within Process Appeals
Add Citation to Scofflaw
Add Offender as Primary
Add Vehicle Notes to a Citation
Adjust a Citation Amount
Adjust a Wallet
Appeal a Citation
Approve One Permit (Approval Queue)
Batch Entry
Batch Payment Report
Bulk Payment Reversal / Refund
Change a Citation Status to Void
Create a Group
Create a New Custom Filter
Deactivate a Drawer
Deactivate Parker Account
Decline an Appeal without Resetting the Fee Schedule
Delete a Citation
Delete Custom Filter View
Download a Drawer Report as a CSV
Download a Report
Download a Report: Micromobility
Edit a Citation
Edit a Citation Note
Edit a Group Admin
Edit a Notification or Restriction
Edit a Role
Edit a User
Edit a Vehicle
Edit a Vehicle List
Edit Citation Offender Details
Email a Citation Receipt
Email a Parking Session Receipt
Generate a Citation PDF
Grant Pin Access for Parker Account
Identify Reconciled Skeleton Tickets
LPN Grouping and Summary
Make a Payment Plan Payment
Manage Citation Settings
Message Permit Holders
Move (Permit Waitlist)
Officer Tracking
Open New Session
Parking Session Lookup
Parking Transaction Report
Passport's Portal Overview
Pay a Citation
Print a Citation Receipt
Print a Permit Receipt
Print a Ticket
Process Appeal as Appeal
Process Appeal as Hearing
Process Void Queue
Reconciliation Mode
Refund a Parking Session
Refund a Wallet
Reissue a Permit
Remove a Citation Status
Remove a Vehicle
Remove Citation Evidence
Remove Offender
Reset a Citation
Reset a Citation Escalation Fee Schedule
Reset a User Password
Reset Citation Fee Schedule
Reset Parker Password
Reverse a Citation Payment
Run a Report
Save as new Custom Filter View
Schedule Hearings
Search for a Citation
Search for a Notification or Restriction
Search for a User
Select Multiple Citations
Send Citation Letter
Send Offer (Permit Waitlist)
Set Address as Invalid
Set Address as Valid
Set Offender as Invalid
Suspend Parker Account
Tag a Citation
Transfer Funds: Wallet
Update a Citation Status
Update Custom Filter View
Upload Citation Evidence
Use a Custom Filter
View Citation Density
View Parker Details
View Parkers on Permit Waitlist
View Vehicle Lists
Write a Citation

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