OpsMan Mobile User Guide

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Log In & Support

Logging In: 

On the login page, you will find some helpful information and troubleshooting options. 

At the bottom right, you’ll see the current version number of the app you have downloaded on your device. You may need to reference this version number when submitting a support ticket for anything related to OpsMan Mobile. 

In order to clear the cache and data for your app, you can change the country to CA or UK and then back again to US. This will refresh the app if you are having issues connecting to the bluetooth printer.


Once logged in, scroll to the bottom of the menu on the left side and select “Support”.

Once selected, you will once again find the version number of the app you have downloaded. 

Here you can also contact our Client Support team via phone or email. If sending an email, all communications will go to the email that you have used to log into the app. 

If you do need to submit a support ticket for any reason, the Support team member may ask you to submit a bug report to capture what is happening in the background of the app as you are using it. This bug report does not send a support ticket on its own; it’s only needed when the engineering team needs to get involved in fixing a bug. 

Write A Citation

1. When logged into OpsMan Mobile, choose "Create New Ticket" within the Ticketing menu on the left hand side. 

*Please note: this is not the only way to write a citation within the OpsMan Mobile app. You can also issue through the zone selection or within the chalking tab. 

2. Enter the license plate number and review the LPN state and Vehicle type. If there is no LPN, you may enter the VIN as needed. Select Next. 

3. The next screen that will show will allow you to enter in the vehicle information.

If this LPN has been ticketed in your environment before, the color, make, and model will pre-populate. If not, you can enter that information in their respective fields using the auto-fill functionality. 

Once filled out and reviewed, select the yellow arrow button at the top right. 

4. The next screen will show the citation information. Choose if this is a Citation or a Warning. The default will be Citation unless otherwise configured for your environment.

Enter the Zone, Violation, Issuing Officer, and Street information. Once completed, use the top right yellow arrow button to navigate to the third page. 

5. The third page will allow you to take any evidence photos and add any notes to the citation. 

Select the "Add Image" button to open the camera and take the photos needed. You can take up to 4 photos, but please note that only the first image taken will print on the citation. (If you need to increase the number of images allowed, please contact the support team.) All other photos will be saved onto the citation details in the back office. 

If you need to include any notes, add them on this page as needed. 

You can navigate through all 3 pages of the citation using the arrows at the top if you need to go back to another page for any reason. 

Once complete, select "Issue Ticket" at the bottom. The ticket will print out and a pop-up will display the citation number. 

Enforce in a Zone

1. If you are enforcing in one zone at a time, you may want to enforce from the zone itself so the citation zone will pre-populate to the current zone you are in. You will also use this flow if you have paid sessions integrated in our system through our mobile pay app or through a third party. 

To do so, select the zone you are enforcing in from the choices on the left side menu. 

Please note that (L) denotes a license plate zone and (S) denotes a space-based zone. 

2. Once inside the zone you will see any mobile pay sessions (if applicable for your environment). These will show the LPN, the time remaining, and the permit name (if a permit. You can search for an LPN to see if they have paid for a session or not using the magnifying glass search option in the top right. If you need to issue a ticket to someone who has not paid in that zone, select on the "Issue Ticket" button in the bottom left and it will bring you through the same flow as seen before for issuing a ticket. 

Edit or Void a Citation

In order to void a citation from the OpsMan Mobile app, you will need to update one of your previous tickets. Please note that these void requests will be sent to a Void Queue for an administrator to review before being officially voided. 

1. Navigate to the "Previous Tickets" tab on the left side menu. 

2. You will see a list of all citations you have written recently in this section. In order to update a citation or void it, select the ticket that needs to be changed. 

3. Once you have selected the ticket information, you can choose from some options. 

If you need to reprint the ticket, select "Print" 

If you need to update the ticket, select "Update". The following screen is shown in the next step. 

If you need to write a new ticket with most of the same information, you can select "New Ticket". This will populate a new citation with all of the same details entered. This is useful if you need to void a ticket and re-issue with a minor edit. You will want to issue the new ticket first and then void the incorrect one.  

4. If you chose "Update Ticket" in the last step, you can either void the citation or add additional images and/or notes. 

To void the citation, you will need to enter the reason in the text field. This will be sent to the Void Queue for back office admin review. 

To add additional images, select "Add Image". 

To add additional notes, select the text box in the last field and type out the notes you need to add. 

Once you are done editing/voiding, select "Submit". 


1. Navigate to the left side menu and choose "Chalking" from the menu.

2. To mark a vehicle, enter the zone/location information and the LPN information. Choose the duration of the zone you are marking and the stem position of the tire if applicable. select "Mark".

3. If this vehicle has never been marked before, the lower half of the screen will show "No matches for –LPN in question–". This shows that the vehicle has not yet been marked by any officer in the environment. 

4. If the vehicle has already been marked at some point earlier in the day, when you mark it, it will show when the previous marks have been. The marking times will show red if the vehicle is over the time limit and it will show by how many minutes it’s over. 

5. If the vehicle is over time and needs a citation, you will see a button above the marking allowing you to "Issue Ticket for Marked Vehicle". 

6. As you have been marking, you can see what vehicles have been marked on your device at any time. Navigate to the left side menu and choose "Recent Activities". These marks will reset within the time limit set in your configuration (usually 12 or 14 hours). 


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