Citation Reversals and Citation Refunds

Modified on Fri, 12 Jan 2024 at 04:42 PM

Issue a Reversal or Refund

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While both reversals and refunds enable you to remove a payment from a citation, certain nuances help you understand if you should reverse a payment or refund a payment.

In either case, after a Reverse or Refund has been performed, a citation’s status will update accordingly (to either "unpaid" or "partially paid").


Reversing a citation payment will remove a payment from a citation.

After locating a paid citation, navigate to the Payments card then select Reverse Payment from the […] action button.

Note: You must manually issue a refund for the amount of the citation.


This item is ONLY available for online (web-based) payments.

Refunding a citation payment will remove the payment from the citation AND send funds back to the original payment card. The actual refund will be performed by a third-party system or provided directly to the parker/offender.

Bulk Reversals and Refunds

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With the addition of the Bulk Payments Reversal / Refund feature, transactions from a Bulk Payment can now be reversed or refunded individually or collectively.

When a user pays for multiple citations at once, those citations will be grouped together behind the scenes with a unique ID. This Bulk ID ties together all transactions and all citations in a Bulk Payment.

When you attempt to reverse or refund any one of the citations that are part of that group, the Bulk Payment drawer will display all related citations. You will have the option to reverse or refund one or more of the individual transactions eligible for a reversal/refund.

Note: You must access the citation from the Payments card on the citation details page in order to view the Bulk Payment Reversal / Refund drawer.

Note: The Refund option will only display if the user paid via web. If the user paid using another method, the Reverse option will display.

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