Manage SpotBlock Reservations

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Manage SpotBlock Reservations

Search for a Reservation

After performing the search, you can select any reservation to view the Reservation Details page to view more information or to take action.

  1. Select SpotBlock > Manage Reservations

  2. Enter search criteria, then select Search

  3. Select the desired reservation

Export a Reservation

After performing the search, you can use the Export option to export your search results as a table. You can then filter these results to adjust which items display and the order in which they display.

  1. Perform a search

  2. While viewing your results, select Export

    1. Note: You will be provided with a CSV export of all current search results.

View Reservation Details Page

This page displays information about the specific reservation you are viewing.

  • Decision Card

    • Displays the reservation status, reviewer name, and decision date.

  • Transaction Details Card

    • Displays any payments associated with the reservation. Each payment links to transaction management where you can perform payment-related actions.

  • Payments Card

    • Displays high-level information about any payments related to the reservation. Information includes: Payment Amount, Payment Type, Payment Date, Card Tail, Expiration.

  • Reservation Details Card

    • Displays reservation-specific information, including: Reservation ID, Created Date, Request Type, Start Date, Start Time, End Date, End Time.

  • Contact Information Card

    • Displays requestor’s information, including name and email.

  • Attachments Card

    • Displays any attachments included with the reservation. 

      • Note: You can add additional documents after you make a decision on this reservation.

  • Locations Card

    • Displays meters associated with the reservation. Information includes: ID, Zone, Type, Address.

  • Notes Card

    • Displays any notes related to this reservation

    • Note: Select Add Note to create a new note.

  • History Card

    • Displays the reservation’s audit / history trail.

      • Note: These items are populated automatically.

Create a New Reservation

You can use this feature to create a new reservation for walk-in customers or for city-related and partnership needs. (e.g., a city parade or a partnership with a sports organization)

  1. Select SpotBlock > Manage Reservations

  2. Select Create New Reservation

  3. Select a Request Type, then select Next

    1. Note: The page will update to reflect the request type you selected.

    2. Note: Selecting the Request Type from the drop-down menu will reveal the remaining application fields relate to that Type. 

  4. Select the Documentation tab, then add documentation

    1. Note: The page will display request and required documentation

    2. Review the list of customer-provided documents to determine whether they meet the requirements, then check Manually inspected required documents

    3. Select Next

  5. Select the Meter / Space Selection tab, then complete the form

    1. Start Date

    2. Start Time

    3. End Date

    4. End Time

    5. Meter/Space ID

      1. Note: Each individual Meter ID or Space ID must be entered into its own field by using Add Location or Bulk Add

        1. To add an ID using Add Location, select then enter desired Meter/Space IDs individually. Repeat the process until you have added all the IDs.

        2. To add an ID using Bulk Add, copy and paste the desired Meter/Space IDs from an excel sheet or document. Separate with commas, semicolons, or new lines.

      2. After using either process, select Check Availability to confirm the availability of the desired spaces. If the desired meters are available, you will see green validation messaging. If any of the desired meters are not available, or if an invalid ID was entered red validation messaging will display. All entered meter IDs must be validated as available before you can proceed.

        1. If an ID is unavailable, remove the ID or reconcile the issue. 

        2. If all IDs are available, select Add Available Meters to Reservation.

  6. After all Meter IDs have been validated as available, select Add Available Meters to Reservation to populate the IDs in the Reservation Summary

    1. Note: The Reservation Summary card displays details about this reservation.

  7. Select Proceed To Checkout to add the item to the Cart. 

    1. Note: At this point, you can either proceed with Checkout or add additional requests to the Cart. 

Edit a Reservation

You can now edit some fields within the Reservation Details and Contact Information sections. Any editable field will display after you select Edit

Create a Support Ticket if you need help with additional edits.

Cancel a Reservation

If a parker needs to cancel their reservation, they will need to contact you (the city) to process that request.

After you cancel the reservation, the reservation will not be automatically refunded. To refund the transaction, go to SpotBlock > Transaction Management and process the refund from the transaction link on the Reservation Details page. This process ensures that refunds can be processed in full or partially (if, for example, the city agrees to partially refund a long-term reservation that ended early).

  1. Select SpotBlock > Manage Reservations

  2. Enter search criteria, then select Search

  3. Select the desired reservation

  4. On the Reservation Details page, select Actions > Cancel

  5. Select a Reason, then select Cancel Reservation

    1. Note: The Reason will be added to the cancellation email sent to the customer. 

    2. Note: The default text can be edited if the city initiates the cancellation and needs to communicate that to the customer. 

      1. Default text: “This reservation was cancelled in office.”

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