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Session Summary Overview

The Session Summary page provides a set of filters that allow the user to search for specific Sessions or groups of Sessions within Active Drawers. The Session Summary defaults to display all Sessions that were opened today.  

Drop-down filters at the top of the page include: 

  • Date
  • Drawer Name
  • Session Status

Results for each Session include:

  • Unique Session ID
  • Drawer Name
  • Session Status
  • Session Start Date and Time
  • Session End Date and Time
  • Current Number of Transactions
  • Net Total of Transactions
  • Number of Concurrent Users  

Selecting a row within Session Summary will take you to the Drawer Session Report page for the selected Session.

Drawer Session Report

The Drawer Session Report contains three main sections:

  • Session Summary. Lists attributes of the displayed Session.
  • Transaction Summary. Provides a revenue breakdown for the displayed Session by payment type. 
  • Transaction Details. A Dynamic list of transactions for the displayed Session that can be filtered by Payment Type, User, and/or Amount. 
    • Note: Options in this filter are limited to payment methods used in the displayed Session.
    • Transactions will always be displayed with the most recent at the top. Only 20 transactions will display at a time, although there will be an option to load more transactions, if applicable. 
      • Note: Users cannot move directly to the Permit or Citation record from this screen.

Each Drawer Session Report will also display the date and the status of the Session in the header. At the top right of the screen, the Change Session Status option displays.

Change Session Status

The […] action menu on each transaction row displays the following options:

  • Edit. Opens the Edit Transaction drawer.
    • Use this drawer to edit the Payment Method and Reference number.
  • Reverse. This action creates a negative transaction as a payment reversal record (available for non-reversed positive transactions only). This item reflects both the session balance and the citation to which the original positive payment was applied. 
    • Note: Permit transactions can be reversed/refunded only from the Transaction Management page.
    • Note: This menu item displays for both Permits and Enforcement, but it is executable for Enforcement transactions only.
  • Move. Opens the Move Transaction drawer.
    • Use this drawer to select from Open and In Review Sessions to choose a destination for the selected transaction. 
    • Transaction movement follows these rules:



Open Session

Open Session or In Review Session

In Review Session

In Review Session

Note: Transactions cannot be moved to or from Closed Sessions.

Moving a transaction affects both the originating and the destination Sessions' balances.

Each transaction that has been moved at least once displays a selectable icon. When selected, this icon opens the Session History pop-up that displays the record of all previous movements.

Send the Drawer Session Report

To receive a copy the Drawer Session Report as a PDF or CSV, select the Download button at the top right of the Drawer Session Report page. You can select from PDF or CSV.

  • Note: this report will be emailed to you.

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