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A Vehicle Allow / Deny list (aka Vehicle List) is a list of license plates (LPNs) that enables specific conditions for vehicles that are included on the list. Vehicle Lists can be assigned to all zones or to specific zones within an Operator.

  • Example: You could include vehicles that should:
    • receive special rates
    • never be towed (e.g., to grant VIPs the ability to park in any location without consequences)
  • Example: You could create a Vehicle List to indicate which vehicles are special agents (e.g., FBI, CIA, DEA) in a situation where privacy considerations prevent you from issuing permits to those vehicles.

Note: A Vehicle Allow / Deny list only specifies WHICH vehicles will be affected. Other areas of Passport’s portal determine HOW those vehicles will be affected (e.g., by a rate change, etc.).

How is an Allow / Deny List similar to a Whitelist / Blacklist?

In an effort to use more inclusive language, Passport has replaced the previous industry-standard terms “Whitelist / Blacklist” with the preferred “Allow List / Deny List” term.

How Do Vehicle Lists Interact With Permits?

Vehicle Lists (Allow / Deny Lists) relate to permits, but they are separate from permits.

  • Example: If you remove an LPN from a Vehicle List, any permits attached to that LPN would remain in effect.

Is a Vehicle List the Same Thing as a Waitlist?

No. To learn more about waitlists, search "Waitlist" in Help Hub.

Vehicle List Best Practices / Use Cases

When possible, use Permits to manage parking rather than a Vehicle List.

Ideally, Vehicle Lists should be used sparingly and only in situations where a permit could not accommodate the circumstances. For example, when the unique list needs to operate outside the boundaries of permits:

  • If you want to allow secret service vehicles to park without logging those vehicles into your permitting system
  • If you’re planning a short-term event (e.g., a presidential inauguration) and you want to allow specific dignitaries to park for a short period of time

Can Vehicle Lists Be Used With Other Passport Products?

Yes! Vehicle Lists can be shared between different Passport products/applications. These lists are managed from a single place within Passport’s portal.

Use Cases

Allow List

A city could use create a Allow List to:

  • provide a special parking rate to residents
  • provide free parking only to vehicles on the list
  • ensure that vehicles on the list (e.g., VIPs) would never be towed

Deny List

A Deny List is most often used with citations to indicate problematic drivers who:

  • should receive an immediate citation 
  • should be booted

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